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Guide To Pick The Right Coffee: Satiate Your Soul

The role of the coffee drinker is often underplayed. The soothing taste of the coffee beans lies in their lifecycle. From the grower to the buyer to roaster to barista to consumer, coffee goes through a chain process.

In the coffee world, the ‘third wave of coffee’ is often considered. The wave emphasizes high-quality coffee to meet the standards of customers’ expectations. Driven by demands and incentives, the growers produce high-quality coffee beans.

Today, consumers have a high sense of refining high-quality coffee to add to their taste and health. The sensibility of the consumers compels the growers to maintain sustainability, ethical sourcing, and worker rights and this keeps consistency in producing top-notch coffee beans. Adding more to your satisfaction, you can buy coffee online and explore a myriad of options available.

If you are a coffee addict and need a booster dose of coffee every day, you need to get the right quality of the beans to match your taste preferences. Till the end of this read, you’ll know your best taste in coffee.

Various Coffee Beans

  • Arabica Coffee Beans (Coffea Arabica)

Being one of the most popular coffee beans, Arabica beans make up 60% of the coffee in the world. They require higher altitudes, more shade, and water to grow in the bean belt. This is why it is troublesome to grow Arabica coffee beans which makes it the costlier one. Arabica beans are known to have a smooth texture with a sugary taste, and a bit of lack of bitterness. Also, depending on the regions where they are grown, they acquire the taste notes of the dense altitudes. You can order coffee from gourmet companies that will amaze your taste buds.

  • Robusta Coffee Beans (Coffea Canephore)

Robusta is the second most renowned coffee bean that contains 2.5% more caffeine making it a strong readily available coffee. When compared to other coffee bean types, robusta beans are larger in size and more rounded. A huge number of people think that these coffee beans are bitter and harsher. However, the rich quality robusta coffee beans reflect a blend of chocolate and rum. With a strong pungent smell, these beans have a flat and burnt taste.

  • Liberica Coffee Beans (Coffea Liberica)

Liberica beans are rare and not available in abundance. Prized for their savory floral aroma, Liberica beans are given life in a specific climate. From the climatic conditions, it acquires fruity and flowery flavors thereby infusing the rich coffee taste.

Liberica cherries are irregular in shape and are similar to Robusta beans in size and appearance. However, the taste of these beans is not certain and the coffee geeks either love it or hate it. Some coffee lovers feel the taste of these beans is a flat and burnt flavor. Contrarily, some like its nutty and crunchy flavor. In the Philippines culture, the Liberica coffee is served black with sugar which is a bit strong.

  • Excelsa Coffee Beans (Coffea Excelsa)

The fourth major type of coffee bean is Excelsa which is derived from the Liberica coffee family. Ideally, these coffee beans make up for both light and dark roast coffees.

Owing to the similarity to Liberica beans, the Excelsa beans are elongated and oval in shape. These are grown at medium altitudes. With a blend of tart notes and fruity flavors, the Excelsa coffee beans have a unique flavor. Also, they have comparatively less caffeine and fragrance.

Picking the Quality Beans for the Best Taste!

  • Single-origin or the Blend

In India, a majority of the people are coffee lovers. A hot cup of coffee can either boost the energy to gear up for the day or a dose to stay awake at night. If you prefer black coffee, you must go for single-origin coffee and you should prefer a blend if you love to drink coffee with milk.

To enhance the taste in the coffee blend, specific single origins are used to create a balanced espresso thereby creating a complex beverage.

Single-origin coffee is sought in a specific geographic region. if you are a core coffee drinker, you’ll surely adore the subtle flavors without adding milk to it.

  • Roasting Level

The roasting level of the coffee beans depends on your taste preferences. With the booming alternatives, coffee brewing methods have come a long way. Generally, there are two types of roasting namely espresso roast and filter roast. The medium roasting profile of the coffee beans is the most common type used to prepare caramelized espresso. However, the lighter roasts also deliver the desired flavors, notes, and aroma.

Espresso roast coffee is prepared in the roaster, adds up the caramelization and extracts a delicious elixir. Contrarily, the filter roasted coffee is prepared to retain the scintillating acidity for a desirable brewing.

  • Roasting Freshness

A lot of people are holding on to the myth that coffee has an unlimited shelf life. Breaking it you, this is a misleading fact. You must be wondering what fresh beans look like? For convenient coffee online delivery, look for the packaging date and use it all up within three weeks.

Ideally, the coffee flavors are infused well within 7-14 days but they can be consumed for up to 4 weeks. However, the quality and the taste of the coffee starts declining after the dedicated time period.

  • Varieties

There is a huge difference in the preferences of coffee lovers across the globe. Typically, Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra are the best varietals in coffee. However, some of the varietals are grown particularly in a specific country. Geisha is considered one of the most preferred varietals due to their sweetness, clarity, and vibrance. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for this coffee that has increased its price in the market.

Wrapping Up

With a compilation of pure and delightful coffee experiences, The Tea Planet is endeavoring to stimulate your taste buds. To make the most of the coffee experience, you can buy coffee powder online and diffuse the aromatic flavors in a hot cup.

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