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About Us

We are direct from source exporter of Organic, Conventional, Bio-Dynamic, Fair Trade, Herbal, Floral & Exclusive Fruit Tea blends. Working directly with several Tea plantations in India & Sri Lanka makes our tea stand-out in quality and are offered to customers at fair & Competitive prices.

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Ethically Sourced

We are committed to purchase tea in an ethical and sustainable manner, regardless of labels and Certifications. When it comes to that perfect cup of tea, We will ensure that your experience is truly unforgettable

India's first Bubble Tea Manufacturer

New Flavors + Classic Ingredients = Limitless Choices. Our blends are the basic ingredient for Milk Bubble tea. Special Creamer mixes used for preparing Milk bubble teas.


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Bubble tea | beverage mixes | CTC | RTD Ice Tea | Orthodox Teas | Instant Teas | Syrups


From source | Fair prices | Multi Origin Blending | Social Consciousness


Instant Teas | Bubble Tea Premixes | Brew Cups | Tea Bags | Retail can topping - Tapioca, popping Boba Mocktail syrups | Flovered Teas

Research & Development

Variety of ingredients packing formats everchanging Govt. Regulations

Customer Reviews

G. Akash

“ The people at The Tea Planet are very professional and are always reliable. They’ve helped in selecting the right business model which would work the best for us. And have been always ready to provide support whenever needed. “

N.Raja Lingam

“ The Franchise set up with the The Tea Planet is really easy. We were able to start our own store in just two weeks. Their team is so fast to respond and made our Business Opening Experience absolutely hassle-free. “

Kandi Prashanth

" The Tea Planets vast range of choices in products will always make for an exciting business op-portunity. A product and more for each kind of Market indeed. "


" I've always wanted to start my own business. And with The Tea Planet, I'm now living my dream. The experts at the Tea Planet assist me in all major business aspects and help me from booting to boosting my business. Despite the fact that I wasn't having any prior experience in this busi-ness, the knowledge flow from their adept team has helped me start and run my business so well".

B.Prudhvi Yadav

"Tea has always been an everyday thing to the Indian Households, and The Tea Planet offers many fun filled Flavours in Tea that the young and the old will enjoy the same "

G Nitin Kumar

"The Tea Planet is that one place that will suffice all your beverage cravings from the traditional Hot Tea and Coffee to the Modern Frappe and Bubble Tea, it's all you could ask for in one place."

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