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Srinivas Ganadinni

Tea for me is a versatile beverage that helps kickstart the day, relax and rethink, bond, and have at any time. The past ten years of working in the tea industry have led us to discover new beverages, and the immense potential for growth in the F&B industry with variations of tea and coffee blends, beyond their regional speciality. We have built a recognised brand that offers products and services to customers worldwide. Our offices are in Hyderabad, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka, with production facilities and a trade representation office in the USA. Every tea leaf, coffee bean, spice, fruit, and flower used in our brews are selected and processed to ensure the enriching experience that only a well-brewed beverage can offer.

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In 2007 December while he pursued an MBA in New York & working part-time in an IT consulting company as a technical recruiter & soft skills trainer, Mr. Ganadinni met Mark Goonasekera, a Sri Lankan, from a neighbouring university who became good friends. Over a casual discussion, we designed the business plan to import premium quality Ceylon teas and sell them in the USA, at first, and expand to other international markets.

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Our Passion

To create the most incredible hand-crafted beverages using ingredients from regions reputed for growing them. We take pride in the breadth of new and original flavours in our tea compositions. All our teas are handcrafted, taste-tested and expertly blended in small batches to achieve the best flavours making every sip worth and for the very best tea-drinking experience.

"Our cross-cultural experience helped us discover the suitable level of sweetness, flavours, and other ingredients as well as how to market Taiwanese-style bubble tea beverage mixes right for the Indian taste palate."
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