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Manufacturers of India’s premium blended beverages and ingredients

We cater to large chain stores, restaurants, cafes, tea shops and tea rooms. We are India’s first Bubble Tea Ingredients Manufacturer!

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Sourced Ethically from fairtrade producers

We are committed to purchasing tea ethically and processing and blending them in a sustainable manner. Every cup of hot brew and every glass of cold brew has The Tea Planet assurance of flavourful sips and refreshments.

More about us

We are direct from source exporter of organic, conventional, bio-dynamic, fairtrade, herbal, floral & exclusive fruit tea and coffee blends. We work directly with several tea plantations in India & Sri Lanka, making our tea stand out in quality and offered to customers at competitive rates.


Production Lines

The tea planet pyramid Teabags

Pyramid & pillow tea bag with outer envelop

The tea planet Single Chamber

Single chamber tea bag with outer envelop

The tea planet Tagless Teabags

Tagless tea bag

The tea planet  Who we are  Popping Boba

Popping Boba

The tea planet who we are Instant Mixes

Instant Mixes: CTC teas & Whole leaf

The tea planet Stick Pack

Stick pack (single serve): Liquid paste packing machine

Widest range of


The tea planet Ctc Tea

CTC & Orthodox Tea

Loose Leaf Orthodox

Single Origin

Pyramid Tea bags

Single chamber Tea bags

The tea Planet Nata De Coco

Bubble Tea Ingredients


Concentrate Syrups

Nata De Coco

Popping Boba


The tea planet Milkshake

Beverage Mixes

Milkshake / Thick shake

Yogurt Mixes

Flavor Burst

Milk Mixes

The tea planet Premix Tea

Instant Tea & Coffee Premixes

Coffee & Tea (2 in 1, 3 in 1)

Vending Machine Premixes

The tea Planet Tea

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