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Tea: Debunking The Myths About A Global Beverage

Tea is not a local beverage but an international beverage that is consumed second largest in the world after water. A warm cup of tea fades your stress and imparts a magical relief.

Tea is not a local beverage but an international beverage that is consumed second largest in the world after water. A warm cup of tea fades your stress and imparts a magical relief. Drinking tea is a tradition across the globe but it is the solution to all the worries for Indians. This makes India the second-largest consumer of tea in the world.

Sipping tea is refreshing and soothing with the proven health benefits from the scientific approach. Be it a stressful day at work or feeling lethargic, nothing can be more than hot tea. With multiple varieties of tea available in online tea store India, it is impossible to pick your favorite tea.

The more global recognition tea has gained, the more misconceptions are raised about tea that tend to believe. We are here to introduce you to the real world of tea. Have you come across any myth about tea that widened your eyes out of surprise? Well, this read will provide you with the actual facts about tea.

Debunk the myths about the sip of your favorite tea as read on.

Myths Associated with Drinking Tea

  •  Green tea is healthier than black tea

Indeed, green tea has gained more recognition than black tea. However, both types of tea contain powerful and beneficial antioxidants thereby offering similar health benefits to you. The color of the tea changes to black or green after undergoing oxidation. Green tea contains catechins that are converted into theaflavins (an ingredient of black tea). It lessens the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the human body.

 A cup of green or black tea prevents the damaging of cells in the body and lowers the risk of chronic diseases. Safeguard yourself with a cup of tea every day.

  •  Herbal Teas are True Teas

Generally, tea is extracted from the plant named Camellia Synesis. However, herbal tea is extracted from Tisanes which are derivatives of the components of the plant such as leaves, flowers, crushed seeds, fruits, or stems. Thus, herbal tea being true tea is a complete myth but certainly has some short-term and long-term health benefits.

From improving digestion to boosting the immune system, herbal teas are a savior of our health. It also relieves stress and anxiety.

  •  Milk Offsets the Tea Benefits

Usually, we add milk to enhance the taste of the tea. It is a popular belief that adding milk to tea decreases or nullifies its health benefits. However, milk only dilutes the tea thereby watering it down. Additionally, calcium, minerals, and other nutrition strengthen your bones and body.

In a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the number of catechins soaked up from the tea isn’t altered by the addition of the milk.

  •  Green Tea Burns Fat

All the weight watchers have hyped up the magical contribution of green tea to weight loss. It is a complete myth that it sheds extra kilos from your body. Green tea does stimulate your metabolism rate but it isn’t significant. If you are thinking of increasing the intake of green tea to cut down on fat, be careful here. Intake of green tea can be menacing to your heart health due to the caffeine present. You can buy green tea from our store and flush out the toxins from your body.

  •  Tea has an Unlimited Shelf-life

Contrary to the popular belief of the unlimited shelf life of tea, all types of tea do expire over time. However, it depends on its storage process. It is advised to store it in a cool, shaded, and dry place to retain its quality. Usually, tea expires within six months.

If your tea bags have no visible effects of expiration, it's time to throw it out. Use the tea before time and get the rich and original flavors of the tea.

  •  Teabags and Loose-leaf Tea have no Difference

Teabags contain crushed tea leaves or dust that make usage easy while the fresh tea leaves have the essential oils, flavors, or aroma. The fragrance of tea leaves is intensified and compels us to have a sip of it. The brewing technique of tea leaves no difference in the taste and benefits that the tea imparts.

For tea fanatics, teabags give the most convenient way to enjoy every sip of tea anywhere, anytime. Adding more to it, you can order chai online from our store and leverage the health benefits.

  •  Herbal Teas are Caffeine-free

Firstly, herbal teas are not considered true teas due to their extraction process. Made by steeping flowers, seeds, stems, and other parts of the plant, not all herbal teas are caffeine-free.

Green tea has a caffeine level between 30 and 50 mg in 230 ml of a cup of tea. More consumption of caffeine causes drowsiness, dehydration, insomnia, digestive issues, and other health concerns. Keeping your health in mind, choose the teas wisely and make the most of its benefits.

  •  Tea Wipes Out Cancer Cells

This is one of the common beliefs that most people rely on it easily. This myth is deeply rooted in the sentiments of people across the globe. Scientists suggest that green tea improves the cellular functioning of the body. However, a study published in PubMed Central, National Center for Biotechnology Information (PMC, NCBI) states that the tea could delay the onset of cancer cells but medical science hasn’t proved any shreds of evidence of tea curing cancer.

Wrapping Up

If the fragrance of tea revives you with a fresh and healthy feel, debunk the misconceptions you might be holding for a long time about tea. From a plethora of options, pick your favorite tea from the online tea shop. Indians have had an emotional connection with tea for a long time that gave rise to multiple flavors of tea. It's not just While there is so much hype about the tea, there are equal myths that we have debunked here.

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