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Decoding the traditional secret of tea in India

Tea is not just a beverage but a routine for people across the globe. The origin of tea is traced back to 2732 BC in China. Often, tea is considered quintessentially a British drink but the fascinating story belongs to the Chinese emperor Shen Nung. From the legendary beliefs, the Chinese emperor was resting under a tree where his servant boiled water, and the tree leaves accidentally fell off into the boiling water. The infused juice of the leaves has now been termed tea.

However, there is no established evidence of this story but certainly, it became a tradition in China before it was introduced in western countries. Later, the beverage became the national drink of China. Gradually, it got fame that a writer named Lu Yu wrote a book completely based on tea titled ‘Ch’a Ching’ or Tea Classic. The tea available in the dense forests is now available at your doorstep with online tea delivery.

 Since then, the fragrance of tea cascaded from China to the streets of Japan through monks. Tea drinking has become a vital part of the routine of Japanese culture. While the tea toured in the west, it enrooted India 170 years ago. From the consumption of this beverage by royals and aristocrats, tea plantations are globalized and commercialized.

Tea and the Indians’ emotions: The revolution in India

Tea is an emotion for Indians. At the time of the establishment of the East India Company, Nilgiris, Assam, and Darjeeling became the mass producers of tea. Regardless of the fact that the tea originated in China, India leads the tea consumption and is the second-largest producer of tea in the world. Producing high-quality tea, India is leveraging the trading benefits of tea thereby strengthening the economy with a 15% contribution.

 While the western countries are routinely consuming tea; Indians have associated their treatment of everyday hassles with tea drinking. A cup of tea is the solution to their problems. With the household availability to ‘tapris’, tea has an irreplaceable charm that no other beverage could supersede. Although tea is consumed throughout the year; the importance intensifies during the winters and the rainy seasons.

Health Benefits of Tea

It is said that too much of anything is good for nothing but the tea-drinking cups are not countable in Indian households. Tea not only confers eternal peace but also has proven medical benefits in our lives. To enjoy the benefits right away, you can order tea online.

Here are some health benefits of tea consumption:
  •  The soothing Heart Health

The conducted researches on tea have shown that it lowers the risk of heart diseases including heart attacks and blood clotting. With its anti-inflammatory properties, a cup of hot tea soothes the tissues in arteries. Consequently, it mitigates the inflammation that causes clotting and restricts your blood circulation.

Moreover, this beverage is also helpful in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. In some of the published studies, drinking four or more cups of tea every day decreases the risk of heart disease significantly. Contrarily, some of the renowned studies reveal that it is just a myth as there is no proven evidence in medical science.

  •  Energy Booster

Tea contains some amount of caffeine which is a stimulant that increases your energy level. However, high consumption of caffeine can risk your health in various aspects. To cut down on caffeine intake, a majority of people shift to the consumption of green tea. The constituents like L-theanine in green tea boost the amino acids that further increase your energy levels.

Consequently, tea consumption pushes you to focus more with no jittery effects. Along with this, it offers soothing and calming effects to your body.

  •  Sound Mental Health

Mental health is often underrated but has gained significant recognition in recent years. To this serious concern, it is believed that routine tea consumption mitigates the risk of neurological disease and stress. Offering natural calming effects, tea alleviates your stress after an off day.

The antioxidants in tea eradicate the free radicals that pollution and other factors bring in to cause oxidative stress that might be the reason for dementia and depression.

If you are a regular tea drinker, there are higher chances of you with more immune strength.

  •  Digestion Issues at Bay

Tea is an escape to break the monotony of life. For some people, tea is just a beverage to taste while for most people, it is a solution to deal with a stressful day. Adding more to the fascinating benefits of drinking tea, it is wonderful to aid digestion. From nausea to diarrhea, tea streamlines all of your digestive issues. What else can be a better alternative to relieve your upset stomach!

Tannins as a vital ingredient in tea is seen to lessen intestinal inflammation. It confers relief and soothes your stomach cramps.

While spiced up tea aids various digestive issues, people with lactose intolerance or gastritis should avoid it.

  •  Blood Sugar Regulation

Tea consumption may help in the prevention of type 2 diabetes by maintaining and regulating the blood sugar levels. High blood sugar level is a serious concern that can only be maintained but can’t be cured but tea is a safe solution. If you drink a cup of black tea after having your meal, it reduces the blood sugar level significantly. For the maximum results, sip the black tea after 2 hours of having a meal. Tea contains polyphenols that accelerate the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in your body.

For your convenience to make the most of the tea flavors to improve your health, explore tea bags online.

Summing Up

Tea drinking has far more potential benefits to keep up your good health. It prevents the onset of several diseases. Boosting your immune health, tea drinking calms your mind as well. From the myriad of options available in teas, buy tea online and find the taste that suits you the best. 

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