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Perk up your day with interesting things about coffee

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How many cups of coffee are enough for you to calm your irresistible desire for another cup? Maybe you have a count or maybe not! The fascinating smell of freshly brewed coffee evokes a never-ending love for it. The aroma, the notes, and everything about coffee is so refreshing that it revives you on lazy weekends. Just buy coffee beans that are roasted nicely and enjoy the brew.

Coffee lovers might find an excuse to brew a hot cup of coffee but you might be unaware of the facts and its origin. Though the history of coffee is still uncertain, there are several legendary beliefs about its origin. Coffee has its roots of origin in the forests in the Ethiopian plateau.

Do you know? Initially, the coffee had the Arabic name ‘Qahwah’, which refers to a type of wine. Sequentially, it was derived as ‘Kahve’, ‘Koffie’, and the English name was derived in 1582. As the word moved towards the east and coffee was introduced in the Arabian Peninsula, coffee began its successful journey towards various geographical lieus.

Let’s unveil the surprising facts about your daily booster dose of coffee.

  •  Many people attempted to prohibit coffee drinking

In the early years, most individuals tried to ban coffee despite it being their favourite beverage. In 1511, Mecca leaders thought that coffee stimulates radical thinking leaving a strong effect on their minds.

Similar to outlawing the coffee, Italian clergymen contributed, indicating the coffee to be ‘satanic’. Adding to the queue, in the 18th century, the Swedish government also tried to put an end to coffee and its cups & dishes supposing it to be associated with the rebellious sentiment.

Later, people loved the soothing taste of the coffee and lifted the ban. They are certainly saviours for most coffee lovers.

  • A type of coffee is prepared from the poop

Did it make you go yuck?! Let the real thing come out.

Kopi Luwak is a variety of coffee that originates in Indonesia and is most coveted. Its preparation process is quite interesting. An adorable palm civet (an animal) consumes the coffee cherries. Post the proper digestion of the beans, the palm civet passes out the desired beans. The reason behind this queer fermentation process is that it imparts smoothness and unique flavours to your favorite brew.

It is one of the most bizarre methods to prepare any type of coffee. Surprisingly, for one kilogram of this coffee, it costs 20k - 25k making it most expensive.

  • Coffee is derived from a fruit

You won’t see coffee beans hanging in a plant, instead, it comes from a fruit. Coffee plants are pretty amazing to see in person. Coffee plantation is widely spread across the globe. However, the best coffee is supposed to grow in hilly regions which require rainfall from 150-200cm.

Coffee plants sprout fruit with a bright red vibrance. The American agriculturalist takes two months to harvest the bright red cherries before picking the coffee beans. It is then washed, dried, sorted, packed, and shipped to the stores or cafes where you adore the taste of it.

  • Caffeine might relieve your pain

It is no hidden fact how much caffeine a cup of coffee contains. You might have come across the harmful effects of caffeine intake. But there are several benefits of it. A study on occasional coffee drinkers found that a moderate dose of caffeine can relieve your muscle pain post-workout.

Also, another study states that a cup of coffee before starting work can lower neck and shoulder pain. However, these studies aren’t from authentic and reliable sources to come to firm conclusions.

  • The flavors of coffee come from roasting and brewing

Not only the plantation and fermentation process but also the roasting and brewing contribute to juice out the amazing savors of coffee. The coffee beans have a certain amount of oil locked which emerges when roasted at around 400 degrees. With more oil expulsion, the coffee gets more strong flavour. Dark roasting also yields more caffeine. Its level shoots up due to the beans being in exposure to water for a longer time. Regular coffee beans have more caffeine content.

  • Goats are the prime discoverer of coffee

It is said that a goat herder Kaldi discovered the power of coffee while he offered it to his goat. From that time, the goat was energized and resisted sleeping at night. Since then, it came into tradition as an energy booster. The human body needs enough antioxidants. To this, a study has shown that Americans consume java every day which releases a significant number of antioxidants. Intake of one to two cups of coffee every day is beneficial for you.

Not everyone is a coffee lover, that doesn’t mean you’ll lack antioxidants. Black tea is also a great source of it.

  • Guinness book recorded the largest coffee cup of over 20,000 litres

In June 2019, the largest cup of coffee was brewed 22000 litres (approx.) in Columbia and was documented in the Guinness Book of World Records. It took more than a month with a team of 50 people to prepare one ‘ultimately-large’ cup of coffee.

  • The lightly roasted coffee contains more caffeine

The lightly roasted coffee beans are more likely to wake you up in the morning. It is a general thumb rule that the lighter the roast, the more caffeine. The level decreases as you do a medium or darker roast. Consuming a cup of coffee after learning can boost your concentration and may promote long-term memory. Also, the coffee grounds can help you beautify your skin.

Summing Up

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of the civilized world. With countless health benefits, it underlies surprising facts that we wanted you to acquaint yourself with. The demand for the beverage has continued to spread year after year. The journey of the coffee has been pretty interesting and still keeps us amazed. So, what’s holding you back? Get coffee powder online and enjoy the sip.

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