Pina Colada - 400 gms

Pina Colada - 400 gms

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Fruit teas are - strictly speaking - not tea, but aromatic drinks from dried plant parts. We use fruits or fruit pieces and herbs. We offer you these fruity refreshments in a great variety where everybody will find something. The specialties are drunk hot or cold – depending on the season or personal preference. There are also creations which are especially mild, as well as creations which have a tingling and sparkling effect. Make a choice!

with coconut pineapple taste
apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, candied pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar)(9%), raisins, coconut chips (coconut, sugar)(5%), flavouring, rose hip peels
Idea of Tea:
The Pina Colada is not without reason one of the most popular cocktails - when it is so delicious. Are you also a fan of this tropical pleasure? We have a fruit tea with coconut-pineapple flavour that you will love. A cup of summer, sun and beach.
Infusion Time:
8-10 Min
Infusion Temperature :
100 ° C
Quantity Of Tea:
1-2 Tsp.

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