Corporate Affair - 10 teabags
Corporate Affair - 10 teabags
Corporate Affair - 10 teabags
Corporate Affair - 10 teabags

Corporate Affair - 10 teabags

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Every office is a combo of many interesting characters, just like this Corporate Affair combo. You’ll find these characters in all offices. The ‘Evil I-Tea In-charge’ who’ll haunt you in your dreams, the hardworking ‘Maltea Taskar’, the good for nothing ‘Mr teachnician’ who does nothing except talking on phone, the poor ‘Chotu Intearn’ who does almost all the work and the proverbial badass boss ‘Khadus Khanna’. Some of these characters might be haunting, cute or irritating, but in this combo, they’ll all be lip-smacking.
NineTea Nine brings you the best Assam Tea, straight from the Asssam tea estates. The hot tea has a rich character and comes in interesting teabag combo that adds to the fun. No Strings Attached!

The corporate tea breaks are the new stage for lots of new story with Corporate Affair, a pack of character tea bags. Remember to enjoy your bag of tea with no strings attached.

Type of Tea :High quality black tea straight from tea estates of Assam

Tea Experience: Never Drink your tea alone when you have this amazing character sitting over your cup!

• Enjoy the sip of best quality Assam tea
• Enhance Your Tea experience with the funky tea bags
• Surprize your friends and family with a new way to enjoy tea
• Office will be all new with Evil I-Tea In-charge, Maltea Taskar, Mr teachnician, Chotu Intearn, and Khadus Khanna
• Five cool character tea bags to make you the king of tea breaks. No Strings Attached

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