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Is Tea acidic or not?

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First, let's just understand what does term acidic means in terms of foods.

Acid & Basic Foods:

These terms direct us to the residue of the metabolism of foods. The rock salt of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium is considered base‐forming, while Sulphur, chlorine, and phosphorus are acid‐forming. Which of those predominates in foods elaborates whether the residue is acidic or basic (alkaline); cheese, meat, eggs, and cereals leave behind an acidic residue, whereas milk, greens, and a few fruits leave an essential residue? Fats and sugars are not counted in any mineral content since they leave a neutral residue.

According to numerous researchers, it has been found that Acidic food is harmful to health and can lead our health to a dangerous path.


Before coming to any conclusion, let's just look forward to a background of acidic and alkaline food and then decide the forthcoming step (whether to avoid it or not).

The pH level of a different part of the body is different.

Measuring the (pH) level of foods is the process we declare whether food is acidic or not. (pH) level ranges from 0 to 17, and distilled water has a 7 value. Acidic food is those whose (pH) value is less than 7.

Meanwhile, the (PH) value varies of water of other types, including impurities.

Now let's move forward to our main course: Is Tea acidic or not?

Many teas show moderate behavior for being acidic. But on the flip side, some of them have (pH) levels below 3.

Let's consider yourself a tea lover, so you may wonder if teacup may have a harmful impact on your teeth.

Well, consider it as your good luck; it's not true. Other drinks and fruit juices are more acidic than Home-brewed teas. An average person does not drink tea enough that it may lead to harm to their teeth. But the story has not ended, here are other damages that include:

  • Tea type
  • Your way of drink
  • How much you take 
  • What is the go-to ingredients that you usually add?

Let's discuss (pH) level of Tea:

(pH) level 5.5 is considered secure and may not result in harming teeth.




3 (pH) level


7 to 10 (pH) level


4.9 to 5.5 (pH) level


2 to 3 (pH) level


6 to 7 (pH) level


It is believed that tea having a sour taste is more likely to be acidic. But some of the research of Asians proved that some fruit's teas are sweet in taste but even more acidic than others that are sour in taste.

Now more factors affecting pH level contains: 

  • The time you steep your tea
  • How much flavor do you add, milk, herbs, etc.?
  • Dilution of your tea

It has been observed that acidity decreases by adding water having pH level 7.

How does tea differ from coffee in terms of being acidic?

Since coffee has gained much popularity among people, we can't deny that a specific population lives for tea and is considered a tea lover. In comparison, Coffee is found to be more acidic than black tea, which gave tea a plus point. According to some research analysis, it has been said that coffee is less acidic in comparison with lemon tea, where on the other hand, it is more acidic than black tea. Since black tea has got a pH level of 6.37 and coffee has 5.35 which makes coffee more acidic. Moreover, the level of acidity indeed depends on the place where you are getting it.

How does tea result be harmful?

According to reports, pH levels between 2 to 4 have proved to be very dangerous and negatively impact human teeth. 

Many teas are free as they are not included in this range. According to a trusted source, it can be said that right after drinking black tea, the pH level restores, and this can't be considered enough time to cause damage.

Now we are directing to those who have sensitive teeth. You can change the way you drink tea. Let's just say you can drink tea through a straw. 

Is tea acidic in the stomach?

Yes, if not properly brewed or kept, tea can be acidic. Consumption of carbonated beverages, coffee, and tea, according to reports it is a major factor for acid reflux illness. Conversely, tea is moderately acidic.

Tea being naturally acidic:

As a matter of course, tea is acidic due to the pH scale.

Type of tea that is considered to be Acidic:

1.    Herbal tea:

Herbal tea is prepared by using different plants, and on average, the research level of herbal tea is not acidity-free. 

I am considering the fact that herbal tea assists digestion but some kinds like spearmint and peppermint trigger acidic reflux.

2.    Black tea:

Black tea has a lower acidity level than other teas. Any tea's acidity level is determined by its type and origin.

Consequences of acidity on your abdomen:

Herbal teas have been shown in studies to help deal with problems such as acid reflux. If you find that usual tea alarms your stomach, adding milk may fix your stomach to create a low amount of acid.

Is it safe for toddlers and children to drink tea?

Tea is a good substitute compared to drinks with a sweet taste and other liquid refreshments. Giving tea to children cannot be a bad idea if you always consider "Avoid steeping teas for a longer period."

The reason behind this step is that the amount of caffeine begins to increase if we steep our tea for a more extended period making it more acidic and not suitable for a child's health.

How can we prepare less acidic tea?

During making tea, we should never forget that adding certain ingredients like sugar, mint, and lemon may become a reason to cause acidity and avoid such conditions, and we should sensibly use these ingredients.

Since we know that acidity in the stomach is linked with dietary factors, most of us have a habit of taking tea in the morning, which helps us start our day more refreshingly and makes us feel more energized. Still, you cannot ignore the fact that drinking tea in the morning with an empty stomach may result in acidity.

In this kind of situation, you may take the advice of a good doctor who will help you from any dangerous path.


A tea's acidity will be proportional to how "sour" it tastes. Acidity can be reduced by adding extra water with a pH of 7. Coffee is more acidic than black and green teas. Tea can be consumed by children, although steeping teas for an extended period of time should be avoided.

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