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Green Tea v/s Black Tea

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In today's world, due to work pressure or social pressure, stress, depression, and anxiety have become a part of our lives, and to overcome these, we always look forward to a better substitute to fix our mood and for reducing our stress even if it works for a temporary time, but we want to be relaxed and in this situation tea and coffee work as a better substitute and Tea act as a magic potion for refreshing our mood after spending a rough day at work.

Reference with different cultures:

Multiple civilizations like Turkish and Chinese have been following the trend of drinking tea like their ancestors used to drink. According to the research, it has been found that drinking tea is a very healthy way of spending your life.

Many medical researchers also confirmed that drinking tea is also great for reducing the issue of cholesterol, and it also decreases the risk of heart problems and issues. It prevents cancer, diabetes, and strokes and works best in increasing the human body's metabolism. 

Green Tea v/s Black Tea:

The origin of all tea, whether you choose to drink GREEN tea or choose BLACK TEA to come from a special kind of plant named as Camellia Sinensis But if we talk about the significant difference between black tea and green tea is all about oxidization that black tea is oxidized one whereas, on the other hand, green tea is not.

In a simpler way, you can say that black tea and green tea differ due to the method of preparation they are made, like black tea obtained through the process of fermentation, i.e. (a metabolic process in which conversion of carbohydrates occurs) as black tea undergoes a process of fermentation which results in reducing all the natural benefits from it.

How does the procedure of making Black Tea and Green Tea Differ?

1-Black Tea: 

Making black tea can be described through the following steps.

  • Leaves are plucked.
  • Leaves are then withered.
  • Curled, then cracked and curved.
  • Then leave it to oxidize before they get dehydrated.

The final leaves get deeper and brownish in color as the enzymes in the leaves oxidize, giving them a stronger essence and scent.

2-Green Tea:

The first step of making green tea right after collecting them is to dry them and then warm them with the help of frying and steaming; soon after being plucked through, this step helps the tea from not oxidizing keeping the flavor good and so does its color.

Hence, we can say that green tea leaves are considered to be more natural depending upon their process. In contrast, on the other hand, black tea, due to undergoing the process of fermentation, becomes oxidized and fermented. Due to the difference of procedure through which they are being prepared, their benefits differ, so let's discuss benefits now.

How Black Tea is beneficial for us:

Its origin is Camellia sinensis, a kind of unique plant. Black tea has theaflavins in it, which are kinds of polyphenols considered rare in black tea. They are produced during the oxidation process and represent 3% to 6% of polyphenols present in black tea. It has been found through research that theaflavins are beneficial from a health perspective because they have the ability of antioxidant.

Black tea is usually blended with another type of plant, which helps produce different flavors such as English breakfast, chai, and Earl Grey.

  • It has specialty because of its strong flavor, which is quite favorable to average people.  
  • It has more caffeine in it than coffee, resulting in increased health benefits.
  • Antioxidants are present in black tea.
  • It has got many health benefits like reducing inflammation and many others.
  • Flavonoids (class of plant pigments) are present in black tea, beneficial for heart health.
  • Black tea offers benefits like improvement of gut health.
  • It helps us decrease the blood sugar level; also, it helps minimize the risk of stroke.
  • Black trees lessen the hormone's stress in the body if it is consumed normally.
  • It is acidic in nature.
  • Beneficial for reducing weight loss

Is the process of Black Tea preparation easy?

Yes, black tea is simple in the making; it just needs some time for its preparation and just requires tea-like in loose form or bag form, and the last requirement is boiling water.

How Green Tea is beneficial for us:

According to research, it has been found that green tea works magically for glowing skin since it has a detoxification effect in it. Green tea is a notable anti-oxidant act against the disease known as cardiovascular, and it has also been used to treat many other diseases as well. It can increase metabolism and power up immunity because it is less acidic. Caffeine, present in green tea, is famous analeptic that has been exemplified to enhance the function of the brain (mood and attention) 

Green tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee does, but it includes amino acids, which level up the function of the brain and helps in reducing anxiety. Taking green tea regularly helps to lessen the fat and enhance the physical performance of the human body. According to reports based on research, green tea is found to be very good for teeth. Green tea contains catechins that help eliminate bacteria present in the mouth and protect from influenza.

Is the process of Green Tea preparation easy?

Similar process as black tea green tea is also easy to make and does not require any particular technique or equipment. It is usually served with normal sweet Nokcha Cake. Tea has a relaxing impact on the mind and body and all of the health advantages. The water hydrates you, and the experience of sipping a hot beverage allows you to savor, ponder, and pause for a moment during your day.


Except for the polyphenol content, both green tea and black tea have identical advantages. Black tea can be a decent option if you're searching for a caffeine boost. However, if your body is sensitive to caffeine, green tea is a good option since it contains L thiamine (an amino acid) and is relaxing.

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