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Instant or Ground coffee, which one do you prefer to be yours?

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Sipping coffee in the morning is like a refreshing alarm to deal with another long day. Coffee has that power! Your energy levels start shooting up with just the first sip of coffee; it is also considered the world’s most-used drug, and sometimes one or two cups is not a thing, maybe the third cup would get us through the day, that is the level of addiction coffee lovers have. 

The earliest evidence of knowing the existence of coffee plants was in the 15th century in the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau. It all started when a goat herder Kaldi observed his goats being unusually proactive the entire night because they had berries from some tree that kept them up all night. Further, Kaldi submitted the findings to a local monastery, and the researchers there made a drink from the berries, which kept them awake for long hours, and that is when the coffee’s journey started. It was later exported to the Arabian Peninsula and is very well known in Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. 

Although coffee was just known as one type earlier, it’s found that there are also varieties in coffee, and it has given us countless options to pick any kind we want. Some well-accepted and adopted coffee types are instant and ground coffee. 

It is often very challenging to decide whether to opt for instant coffee, which can be prepared at a snap, or ground coffee which is just beans and has a process to deal with. Well, it is pretty challenging to decide among them because one is instant, which is so much apt for working people, and on the flip-side is ground coffee which has a relatively long process.  

Many companies and hospitals have coffee machines that serve instant coffee, but is it just coffee or benefits? How is instant and ground coffee different? We will answer all your questions further in the article.

  • First of all, these two are different in the making process itself. Ground coffee is wherein the coffee cherries are gathered, dried up, and then the beans are pulled out and roasted. The final process goes to be cutting down the beans to a specific size as per company requirements. Whereas instant coffee follows the freeze-drying and spray-drying process after extracting the condensed liquid from the roasted beans. The water from the extract is evaporated after brewing and frozen to develop the coffee powder.  
  • Instant coffee is easily dissolvable in any liquid. You can mix the instant coffee powder in milk or water, it will easily blend well, but you have to watch out for how much water you add to the coffee as more water can only make it worse. This is a ready-to-go drink and preferably the best easy drink opted by office goers. It is not the case with Ground coffee, it is hard to dissolve no matter how hard you try, it can turn into a fine powder but not dissolve, and this is because of its high fiber content.
  • Ground coffee is high in caffeine compared to instant coffee because caffeine needs to be extracted from the actual coffee bean kept under the sun. Moreover, you will have the liberty to brew coffee your way, whereas instant coffee is under the company's control, and they decide how much to extract. So, the only option you have is to add more coffee powder to make it taste bitter.
  • Arabica Ground coffee is the best coffee because it does not contain excessive sugar and cream to get a strong flavor, unlike Robusta beans. But yes, many add Robusta beans with Arabica for more concentration and to make it a kick drink. Arabica is extracted from a plant named Coffee Arabica, and because it is rarely cultivated, it is considered more premium. The flavor of Arabica coffee is smoother and enjoyable to drink, unlike Robusta coffee.  
  • Instant coffee is mostly made of Robusta beans, and one of the reasons for its intense flavor is because it can withstand large quantities of milk, sugar, and added flavors. For instance, if you want a latte or iced latte, you will have to choose a strong coffee flavor for which Robusta is best. 
  • Brewing ground coffee can take a few minutes; you have to dispose of the coffee grounds, clean the machine, and then enjoy the drink. But instant coffee, as the name suggests, is instant, you have to add water or milk with some sugar (optional), and there you go.  

Let’s wrap up

If you want to go on a trip, you will have to go for instant coffee instead of ground coffee as it is time-consuming. So, it depends from person to person what type of coffee they feel convenient with. 

It depends on the preferences whether to opt for ground or instant coffee, and I have piled up and written the article so that people get a clear picture of what is the background of coffee, what is the difference and benefits between instant and ground coffee, and choose the best one they prefer. 

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