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Honey and tea together can unlock unimaginable health benefits

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How do you like to drink your tea? Maybe with sugar, sugar-free, or jaggery, but have you tried tea with honey? It is said that honey can be a toxic mixture to tea, but how far is it true? Let’s explore more about it.

There is a notion that honey can deplete the quality of tea as it boils along with tea. In fact, honey and tea have the best love affair ever recorded. It is not just a natural sweetener; it soothes your throat when you have a scratchy throat.

What are the varieties of honey?

Until now, there are 300 honey varieties identified in the US. Honey, for the most part, is fructose and glucose. Individually every variety has enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and the type depends on the flower the nectar is extracted, which also decides the color and flavor of honey.

Since there is no one type of honey, blending tea with honey is an experiment of discovering new combinations of flavor.

  • We all know that green tea has a grassy taste. It can be reduced with floral honey, more like lavender or clover, or blueberry honey also adds good flavor 
  • The solid and dark flavor of black tea can be eliminated with orange blossom honey
  • White tea, which is already mild, should be mixed with some light tasted honey like the Acacia variety

What are the benefits of honey?

Honey is not just for sore throats. It has many hidden benefits, but you should buy pure raw honey to get the best results. Now, what is raw honey? Raw honey is the honey before it goes through processing. Sometimes, there are many additions made to natural honey, making it less natural. 

Raw honey will still have bee propolis from which the actual benefits come, so it’s good to opt for raw honey rather than processed ones. 

Well, consuming honey can relieve you from cancer, ulcer, fungus, and it is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. That is pretty much enough for anyone to grab honey from a shop and make it part of their routine. 

Is honey good with green tea?

Green tea is a widely consumed drink globally, and it’s somehow replacing tea and coffee these days. Since it’s bitter in taste, people add sweeteners to it. Sugar increases your blood sugar levels at lightning speed, and it is because of the excess fructose content and the invisibility of trace materials. The motive of drinking green tea is to lose some extra weight. If you mean to add sugar, it diminishes the potential. Hence, honey can be a substitute.

Drinking green tea equals having excellent health, but too much can lead to nausea, loss of appetite, stomach upset, etc. 

Does the combination of ginger and honey tea work?

One cup of ginger-mixed honey tea soothes skin allergies and arthritis, relaxes muscles, helps digestion, fights cold, and acts as antioxidant. Now let’s dig in more and understand other benefits of it: 

Helps in eliminating nausea- Since honey and ginger tea are rich in diastase, peroxidase, catalase, invertase, inulase, acid phosphatase, and glucose oxidase, drinking honey and ginger tea can put an end to nausea caused by stomach upset. 

Acts as a natural painkiller- Ginger is the best insulin for pain and swelling. It can evade the development of inflammatory compounds like prostaglandins and leukotriene. As ginger is an antioxidant agent, it can crash the inflammation and acidity present in the joints' fluids.

Best medicine for heart health- Ginger shuts out the possibility of blood clotting and decreasing cholesterol. Together honey and ginger can relax vascular tension, reduce blood pressure, and minimize the likelihood of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

Chamomile tea and honey is all that you want

Are you sleep-deprived? Well, then you should go with Chamomile tea and honey, and you got your best buddy, congratulations! While Chamomile and honey tea is not limited to eliminating sleeplessness, we have a list to help you know the upsides of consuming it:  

  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Minimizes flu and cough 
  • Helps you with sleeplessness
  • Heals wounds in a jiffy
  • Eases nose and throat pain

Final verdict

Honey does not just add sweetness to your tea but also to your health. It shoots antioxidants into your body to combat infections and diseases. Drinking tea becomes pleasurable when honey is in it; try some exotic, sweet, and unimaginable flavors to treat your taste buds! 

Honey alone cannot fight sickness; you need to follow a perfect diet and plant-based food for solid immunity and a long healthy life. Try a variety of honey for the best tea experience!

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