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Best Flavors that pair with coffee

A good cup of coffee is a beverage that has helped people form bonds over several millennia now. Disagreements also ensue over every shared cup. There can always be severe disagreements when they disagree over what constitutes good or terrible coffee. 

Some people believe that syrups and flavorings should never be used in coffee preparation. Others believe they may enhance and complement the flavor of coffee by adding extra layers of mouthfeel. A delightful cup of coffee does not require any additional syrups or spices, but we also believe that syrups and spices aren't all that bad either. Variety is the spice of life, and spice is the spice of life, so we've compiled a list of syrups and spices to try in your coffee that might change your mind.

Coffee with Caramel

When coffee and caramel are combined, the result is a decadent, sweet beverage. Caramel and coffee complement each other well because the deep and salty flavors of caramel soften the sharpness of the coffee without obscuring it. They are ideal partners since they balance each other out without dominating each other. You can buy caramel to put in your coffee, but if you want to make it yourself, cook a lot of sugar and a little water on medium-high heat until the sugar begins to catch and become brown. You can put one in your coffee as soon as it's ready if you pour the caramel onto ice cubes; it sweetens and cools it down faster, allowing you to savor each sip.

Coffee with Coconut

Both coffee and coconut have a natural, yet subtle sweetness to them, so their flavors complement each other nicely. Add a drop of coconut milk or creamed coconut to your coffee if you want it creamy. Stir it in for a smooth, creamy finish, or blend it in. Instead of hiding any of the coffee flavors, the coconut appears to complement and almost enhance them. If you like black coffee, add a few drops of coconut essence or a small amount of coconut oil to your cup. The deep, rich coffee flavors will remain, with a dash of coconut thrown in for good measure.

Mocha! - Coffee with Chocolate

Mocha coffee has been in and in trends for years now. Mocha is a blend of cocoa and espresso coffee that falls between a hot chocolate and a latte. Because the flavors complement each other so well, many people mistakenly believe that the coffee plant and the chocolate plant are related. If you're craving coffee but want something a little sweeter and more decadent, mochas are the way to go. Because of how nicely these flavors mix, you can even buy chocolate-coated coffee beans.

Coffee and Vanilla

A properly brewed cup of coffee is only slightly bitter, with a natural sweetness to balance it out. However, if you don't have access to a good coffee or have a particularly sweet tooth, adding some vanilla syrup may be for you. Unlike coconut, vanilla is a very strong flavor that can slightly overpower the coffee. But it's a nice flavor, and it's fun to mix things up now and then, especially in a vanilla spiced latte. If you want to make your vanilla syrup, heat some sugar and water with a split vanilla pod to infuse the flavor.

Coffee with Cinnamon

When coffee meets cinnamon, the drink becomes a little sweeter and earthier, perfectly complementing the natural flavors of coffee. But merely a smidgeon of cinnamon powder in your coffee will destroy it, as this seemingly harmless powder carries a powerful punch. You may either purchase cinnamon syrup or make your own by heating it with water and sugar and infusing the liquid with ground cinnamon or a piece of cinnamon bark. Just make sure not to overdo it. 

These are some of our favorites and nothing beats the classics! Try them out to see what you like best! We wanted to find out why certain coffee combinations work and why they're so popular. There's warm, nutty, and sweet... what's your favorite coffee combination? Hopefully, these inspire you to try something adventurous with your everyday morning cup of Joe.

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