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A cup of tea with meditation can offer you a mindful life

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Tea is why you are alert almost the entire day. It keeps you mindful and helps you focus on whatever you are doing. Sometimes we tend to lose interest in our work due to some trauma or something hard on our lives, so can just a cup of tea solve this problem? No, you need to add something to it, and that is meditation! Indulge in meditation and see what happens next!  

Tea and meditation have distinguished benefits in changing our lives on a positive note; imagine if they both blend! Tea- alertness, mind-altering properties+ Meditation- reduces negative emotion, helps you manage stress, focus on present= an alert mind, elevated patience and tolerance, and goal-oriented lifestyle. Tea has some properties like l-theanine and EGCG, which significantly alter our state of mind. So, drinking tea before meditating has benefits that know no limit.

Tea and meditation’s love story has no end!

Tea and meditation have an age-old connection. In the 6th century, Bodhidharma, a monk, wandered China, and his mood was always uncertain but committed to meditation. There was a time when he meditated for seven years in a cave but, for some reason, disturbed, he slept for two years. After waking up, he ripped off his eyelids for the fault of sleeping so that he should never fall asleep again! From then on, tea was his life partner, and he never fell asleep while meditating.

Tea can keep you awake throughout the meditation

You all would have noticed that we suddenly tend to take a nap while meditating, but what happens when we drink a cup of tea before meditating? If you drink tea 30 minutes before meditating, it will stop the urge to sleep.

What do L-theanine and EGCG have to do with the tranquility of mind

L-theanine: If you still stay awake when you meditate, then maybe you had a cup of tea unknowingly, and L-theanine could have contributed for the best. When computed on EEG, L-theanine has the calming amino acid that aids alpha brain activity, and alpha brain wave is related to calm focus. 

What can be equal to L-theanine? If you thought it was meditation, then you are absolutely right! Buddhist monks always prefer teas that are high in L-theanine since it induces calmness.  

EGCG: Via CB1 and CB2 receptors, EGCG gets the power of keeping us peaceful and boosting psychoactive effects. The CB receptors are active when we are performing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and exercise.

What teas can elevate the potential of meditation?

Peppermint tea: This tea is mainly for upset stomach and indigestion. It also uplifts creativity and relaxes your mind. 

Rosemary tea: Rosemary is great to treat headaches, apparently stress headaches. It also gives mental clarity and elevates both oxygenation and metabolic processes in the body.

Passionflower tea: Passionflower is rarely found in packets, so it’s better if you plant it in your garden. This tea lowers the risk of anxiety and insomnia. 

Green tea: Polyphenol compound can alleviate anxiety and stress, and since green tea has an adaptogenic substance, it can stop you from dozing off.  

Lemon balm tea: Lemon balm tea is from the mint family. It can keep down cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and increase calmness and restfulness. Just a tiny amount of lemon balm in tea can be beneficial enough to support your own healthy body.

The trick of drinking tea mindfully

Make tea, settle in a pleasant place, and fix your attention only on tea and then smell the tea. Feel the steam, look at the color of tea and finally sip tea and feel it in your taste buds.

This exercise aims to increase concentration as much as possible on tea until you finish it. It requires not more than a few minutes of your time. Try it and feel the difference!


If you want a sensible and thoughtful life, a cup full of tea with meditation can create wonders. Just imagine if one deep breath can keep your mind relaxed, what could be the power of meditation? Of course, not to forget tea can be an excellent complementary source to meditation. Don’t look at tea and meditation as mere relaxing tools. There are more facts about it and about the deep connection between the two shares, which is detailed in the article. We have also pointed out how you can make tranquilization with tea; I guess you would not have come across the idea of such an exercise, but we helped you pump up your energy with these techniques and bring a change in your life.

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