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Everything you need to know about specialty coffee beans

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In the early days when coffee was just discovered, it was easy to get coffee beans, take a bag to the coffee field and gather the beans in the bag as simple as it said. But this is not the same case with specialty beans, you get to know different coffee beans from different origins, and you want to try them all, isn’t it?

You will have varied options like organic coffee, fair trade, direct trade, bird-friendly, light roasts, Arabica, and washing process. Oh golly, so many! Earlier, it was not exhilarating to try coffee beans because there were no varieties, and it was not taking all your energy to get beans. Now it’s a different scenario altogether, all exciting and thrilling!

Specialty coffee beans are so much in talk. Let’s dive deeper to understand what it does and why it is so special.

Fruits, flowers, and spices- In one cup of coffee

What’s with fruits, flowers, and spices in coffee? Something unheard right? Yes, it’s unique because the beans are roasted by craftsmen themselves and not by factory workers, which is why it tastes splendid and so refreshing!

These fascinating and rich flavors keep you craving more coffee and keep you focused and relaxed at the moment. 

Coffee revolution

Specialty coffee too, has a story from old to new. The old coffee method has made coffee beans roasted dark and bitter, now the technique has changed, and we will break down the changes step by step:

The initial type of coffee: The quality of the coffee was not up to the mark, which was roasted without experience and definitely not by craftsmen and was sold poor quality. 

Mild coffee experience: More significance on the quality of coffee manufactured with an innovative approach to it like frappes and lattes. As the quality of the coffee was elevated, it obviously tasted better. The only unchanged part was coffee beans roasting was dark and still tasted bitter. 

Advanced quality: High-grade coffee beans with more emphasis on the flavors with light or medium roast. The experience of roasted coffee created a connection between coffee lovers, farms, and countries of origin. This is the reinvention of coffee, from brewing to manual brewing to creating designs in lattes.   

All about freshly roasted coffee beans

Coffee beans are not from the factory, it is an agricultural product because they are the seeds of a cherry. Coffee beans have an expiry date, and they will remain fresh only until 2-3 weeks post being roasted. Here’s what you have to consider before buying a bag of specialty coffee beans:

Check the date on it: The manufacturers will mention dates that are always in months, which means the expiration date post roasting will be shown as months rather than weeks. But the fact here is the freshness will last only for 2-3 weeks after roasting. (Don’t fall for it)

Look at the roasted date: Roasters who mention the exact date on the packet are transparent and emphasize the product's quality.

Different types of roasted coffee beans. Which one to pick?

Mild roasted: These beans are lightly roasted with no surface oil. As they are not roasted until they turn dark, they absorb all the flavors and features. The beans are lightweight, strong-flavored aroma with zero bitterness.

Moderately roasted: They are roasted until they are light brown, and it too does not have surface oils. These beans have a smooth and unique flavor and contain caramel and well-balanced honey sweetness. 

Dark roasted: As the name suggests, these beans are roasted until dark brown and have a thin layer of oil on the surface. The smell becomes very strong and deep, and it has a dark sweetness taste with a heavy body.

Where can you buy specialty coffee beans? 

Get it from roaster: Roasters have their own shops where they sell freshly roasted beans. You will not get bean options because maybe they roast a particular type of beans. 

Coffee shops: Some cafes would have partnered with roasters and who knows you might find your choice of coffee beans, yay!

Take help of online sites: There will be multiple options online from different origins. The more options, the more benefits, the more experiments! 


Specialty coffee beans are best in many ways and also very rarely found. If you find one, then grab the best. We have detailed everything about specialty coffee beans that you need to check out, and it can in some way help you make a better decision. 

The coffee revolution gives us an understanding that everything starts from scratch and leads to an endless journey that gets better and better every day. It is imperative to be aware that the coffee beans are fresh by making sure the dates mentioned on the pack are accurate (as in not months) as it will be fresh only for 2-3 weeks. Hope you find the right coffee partner soon!

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