Mango & Peach Fruit Bubble Tea Premix
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Mango & Peach Fruit Bubble Tea Premix

Rs. 375.00

The unusual taste of Peach and the sweet juicy flavor of ripe pulpy mangoes have been used to create this delicious premix bubble tea. Let the rich aroma take you to Mediterranean island, with white sand beaches. Check out our other flavors.  Add Boba/Pops of your choice. NO MILK TEA

Ingredients : Sugar, Dextrose, Mango powder, Peach Bits, Permitted Flavour, Anti Caking Agent  (E 551), Permitted Food color.

Bubble Iced Instant Drink : Add 25-30 Gms to 100 ML Warm Water or Any tea decoction of your choice. Mix or shake until dissolved. Add Chilled Water & Ice Cubes 6-8. Reduce Water or Increase Beverage as per taste & Mix accordingly.

Add Popping Boba or Tapioca of your Choice.