Thai Twist Spicy Black CTC Tea
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Thai Twist Spicy Black CTC Tea

Rs. 125.00

Grown in the fields of Thailand, this delicious twist to traditional Thai Chai Tea Cha yen with a clever mix of spices is designed to delight your senses. tastes refreshing both hot and cold!  Enjoy the true Thai black spiced tea, order online and get your tea delivered to your doorstep.

· Refreshing flavored black tea, landrace version of Assam tea.
· Delicious fragrant spice infusions.
· Premium quality black tea, straight from the tea estates.
· Authentic Thai Chai Tea.
· Packaged in a freshness retaining container.

Ingredients : Assam chai, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Pepper & Coconut Flavor

Product Type : Tea Powder

Tea Hot Drink : Add 6 Gms Tea 50 ML Boiling Water add Sugar, Add 120 ML Milk Boil 3-5 Minutes.           ***Deliver good taste and colour.

Serving Size : 150 ML

Serves : 160-170 Cupes.

- Seal the bag after opening.
- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
- Avoid constant exposure to light.
- Avoid Cross Contanimation.