Spicy Cinnamon Flavored CTC Tea
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Spicy Cinnamon Flavored CTC Tea

Rs. 125.00

Delicious Spicy Cinnamon Black tea is sure to make you feel like you are drinking a dessert. Don't wait for Christmas to enjoy the Cinnmon goodness with delicious spices blended together giving you a fun experience in each sip. Order this Black tea mix online from Tea planet.

• Exquisite fragrant tea blend with real cinnamon.
• Seasonal black tea flavor with perfect spice blends.
• Smooth spice and cinnamon blend, easy to prepare.
• Heat sealed packaging to help retain freshness and fragrance.

Ingredients :  Assam chai, Cinnamon Bits

Product Type :  Tea Powder

Tea Hot Drink :  Add 6 Gms Tea 50 ML Boiling Water add Sugar, Add 120 ML Milk Boil 3-5 Minutes.         ***Deliver good taste and colour.

Serving Size :  150 ML

Serves :  160-170 Cupes.

- Seal the bag after opening.
- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
- Avoid constant exposure to light.
- Avoid Cross Contanimation.