Lavender Black CTC Tea
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Lavender Black CTC Tea

Rs. 125.00

Beat the blues with the refreshing Lavender Black Tea. The aromatic blend of black tea with lavender is a natural relaxant relieves tension. This premium quality tea has a balmy and soothing texture which is perfect for unwinding and rebooting your nervous system. Order this tea today and get it delivered right at your doorstep. 

• Made from real Lavender leaves and premium black tea.
• Rich texture and aroma.
• Perfect tea for unwinding your nervous system.
• Exquisitely smooth and clean tea with refreshing taste.
• Packed in heat sealed pouch to preserve freshness and easy to make.

Ingredients : Assam chai, Lavender Buds.

Product Type  : Tea Powder

Tea Hot Drink : Add 6 Gms Tea 50 ML Boiling Water add Sugar, Add 120 ML Milk Boil 3-5 Minutes.                    ***Deliver good taste and colour.

Serving Size : 150 ML

Serves : 160-170 Cupes.

- Seal the bag after opening.
- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
- Avoid constant exposure to light.
- Avoid Cross Contanimation.