Toffee Mocha Chai Premix (3 in 1)
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Toffee Mocha Chai Premix (3 in 1)

Rs. 225.00

Our Toffee Mocha Chai is dessert in a teacup. This black tea has a mocha aroma and the flavor is just decadent as the toffee flavor lingers on your taste buds. This chai needs to be simply mixed with water and ice. It is a no-fuss drink with a sweet twist and taste. We believe, like all natural goods, tea is a gift of nature lovingly bestowed upon us! Join us on a magical journey to discover your sip of magnificence!!

Ingredients: Sugar, Brown Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer, Permitted Toffee Mocha Flavour, Skimmed milk powder, Instant Tea Powder, Anticaking Agent ( E551).

Hot Drink: Add 25 Gms To 150 ML Hot Water. Mix until Dissolved.

Cold Drink: Add 40 Gms To 100 ML Normal Water or Milk in a Blender Mix, Add Sweetner to taste, 2 Scoops of Condensed Milk and Blend it in a blender for desired consistensy.

Adjust water/Milk accordingly.
***Enjoy Your Hot / Cold Drink or Instant Chai
Serving Size:150 ML Hot Drink
Cold Drink : 300 ML

- Seal the bag after opening.
- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
- Avoid constant exposure to light.
- Avoid Cross Contanimation.