Kiwi Fruit Bubble Tea Premix
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Kiwi Fruit Bubble Tea Premix

Rs. 375.00

Tea planet’s Kiwi flavored Bubble tea premix is a unique drink with fruity sweet undertones. It tastes mellow and calming, cooling and thirst-quenching.This instant premix tea is quick and easy to make. Check out our other flavors.  Add Boba/Pops of your choice. NO MILK TEA

Ingredients : Sugar, Dextrose, Kiwi Fruit powder, Permitted Kiwi Flavour, Acidity Regulators (E 296, E 330), Anti Caking Agent (E 551), Permitted Food color.

Bubble Iced Instant Drink : Add 25-30 Gms to 100 ML Warm Water or Any tea decoction of your choice. Mix or shake until dissolved. Add Chilled Water & Ice Cubes 6-8. Reduce Water or Increase Beverage as per taste & Mix accordingly.

Add Popping Boba or Tapioca of your Choice.