Apple Mild
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Apple Mild

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Fruit teas are - strictly speaking - not tea, but aromatic drinks from dried plant parts. We use fruits or fruit pieces and herbs. We offer you these fruity refreshments in a great variety where everybody will find something. The specialties are drunk hot or cold – depending on the season or personal preference. There are also creations which are especially mild, as well as creations which have a tingling and sparkling effect. Make a choice!

Apple Bits (Apple, Acidifier: Citric Acid)
Idea of Tea:
This fine-fruity apple tea tastes simply always and everyone. You can add some sweetness to it as you like or, depending on the season, refine it with fresh fruit or ginger.
Infusion Time:
8-10 Min
Infusion Temperature:
100 ° C
Quantity Of Tea:
1-2 Tsp.