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Dream & Origin

All Started In 2007 December, When I Was Pursuing My MBA In New York & Working Part time In It Consulting Company as Technical Recruiter & Soft Skills Trainer. Around That Time, I Met A Senior Mark Goonasekera From Sri Lanka Who Became My Good Friend From A Neighboring University. Just Over A Casual Chat We Decided To Share The Dream Of Importing Quality Ceylon Teas To All Tea Consumers Around The World Like Any Other Beginning, It All Started In A Basement Apartment Of New York & Ours Was Small Too. We Named Our Business As Hiranne Inc And Our Ceylon Tea Brand As Tea Light USA. We Started To Sell Our Teas In Several Chain Stores, Specialty Stores, Natural/organic Stores, Local Farmers Market, Wholefoods Market Etc. Working With Offshore Suppliers Was Becoming A Challenge And Mark Goonasekera Relocated To Sri Lanka To Support Our Tea Light USA Operations By End Of 2010.


As Part Of Expansion To India (Being Second Largest Tea Growing Country), In Feb 2011 – me and my wife Madhuri Ganadinni started Ganadinni Fine Foods Impex P Ltd and Started To Export Teas From India To Global Markets. At This Current Time, Business Was Going Through Rough Phase As We Had To Several Things In The Tea Trade To Cater The Palate Of Different Regions. It Was Necessary To Build A Local Reputation To Support Our Business Requirements. Also To Understand Different Markets & To Keep A Track Of Trends, We Started Travelling To Various Trade Exhibitions In Europe, Middle East & Asia. Discovered, How Tea/coffee Is Consumed In Different Markets.

Evolution: India's First Bubble Tea Manufacturer

After Understanding The Pulse And How Our Senses Influence The Experience Of Tea Consumption We Discovered Several Techniques To Enhance The Synesthetic Experience Of Tea Drinking Through Sight, Aroma, Texture, Taste And Sound This Experience Gave Us Entry & Understanding To Several Aspects Of Tea Business Right From CTC Teas, Whole Leaf Teas, Single Origin Teas, Flavored Teas, Instant Teas, Fruit Beverage Mixes, Ready To Drink Tea, Custom Blending, Multi-origin Sourcing Etc. Which Is Still Biggest Revenue Contributor To Our Company.

Expansion: Bringing World Tea Under One roof

Later Started To Connect Gaps & In September 2016 - Decided To Go From B2b To B2c & Registered Trade Mark As The Tea Planet. Now Offering Our Finest Selection Of Hand Blended, Taste Tested Teas, Bubble Tea Beverage Mixes, Syrups Through Our Franchise Program, Theteaplanet.com & Several Leading Online Market Places . In India Our Cross Culture Experience Has Taught Us Level Of Sweetness, Flavor, Freshness Of Tea, Other Ingredients In Our Recipes Served In At Our Franchise Outlets. Marketing Taiwanese Style Serving Bubble Tea Beverage Mixes Custom Developed By Us To Suit Indian Palate For First Time In India

A word from Founder

Almost A Decade Of Experience In The Tea Trade – Our Business Is Built On Strong Foundation & Service Customers From Rural Parts Of India To The Upscale Grocery Stores On The Streets Of Manhattan. We Currently Operate From Hyderabad, India/Colombo, Sri Lanka With Production Facilities & Trade Representation Office In USA. Import Tea Related Flavors, Herbs For Local (India, Sri Lanka) & Export Markets From Germany, Egypt, Taiwan Etc. We Hope To Connect You, Inspire And Refresh Your Mind, Body & Soul. Join us for a cup!

Srinivas Gandinni

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We are creating & developing customer oriented, attractive products yielding strong revenue & customer experience. Sourcing from origin, blending to target palate is where we concentrate on. We are bringing a new wave in ever changing stream of specialty tea business. Extensive market knowledge & sound technical expertise in blending & formulation has given us complete cost & production control. We proudly say that all our flavour teas, beverage mixes, syrups are our own formulations.

We want our ideas to make tea better

Latest Trends
Our Passion
Research & Development
Quality & Breadth of Portfolio

Latest Trends

We are bringing a new wave in ever changing stream of specialty tea busines. <> We keep track of latest trends and high level of innovation with consistent track of high quality tea products.

Our Passion

To offer tea as an experience rather than just a product and to create the most incredible hand crafted tea blends found anywhere globally sourcing ingredients. Spire to reach new heights of quality innovations.

Research & Development

We are constantly exploring new possibilities for a variety of ingredient, packing formats. Understanding the ever changing market government regulations on import / export of Tea related Materials.

Quality & Breadth of Portfolio

WE take pride in offering enormous variety covering a breadth of new and original flavors of our tea compositions. All our teas are hand crafted , taste tested and expertly blended in small batches to achieve best flavors making every sip worth and for very best tea drinking experience

Our Production Lines

Pyramid & PILLOW Tea Bag With Outer Envelop

Roll Width 140MM,160MM,180MM
Outer Envelop W:80-100mm, L: 90 120mm
Fill Range Upto 10 Gms
Sealing Method Ultrasonic Seal
Machine Speed 60 Bags/Minute
Weighing Accuracy ±0.1g/bag

Single Chamber Tea Bag with Outer Envelop

Open Roll Width 125MM
Outer Envelop 75MMx85MM
Open Tag Size 45MMx25MM
Fill Range

Auger Method & Cup Measure

Dosing Heat Seal
Sealing Method ±0.1g/bag
Machine Speed 60 Bags/Minute

Tag Less Tea Bag

Open Roll Width 125MM
Fill Range From 2 Gms to 50 Gms
Sealing Method Heat Seal
Machine Speed 60 Bags/Minute

Popping Boba

Cooking Tank Capacity 500 Ltrs Per Hour
Shear Mixer 200 Kgs/Hour
Dropping Line 200 Kgs/Hour
Tapioca Pearls 500 Kgs Per Day

Stick Pack (Single Serve)

No.of Machines 4
Filling Range 2 Gms to 1 Kg

Liquid Paste Packing Machine

No.of Machines 1
Filling Range 5 ML to 100 ML Capacity
Speed 60 Pouches/Minute

Instant Mixes


  • Bubble Tea Premixes
    Instant Tea
    Vending Machine Mixes
    MilkShake Mixes
    CTC & WHOLE LEAF (Box & Pouch Pack) - 50 Gms to 100 Kgs