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What is Great
About Tea Planet ?

Absolutely everything but lets tell you what's fabulous about our brand & Concept.

We are creating & developing customer oriented, attractive products yielding strong revenue & customer experience. Sourcing from origin, blending to target palate is where we concentrate on.

Un-parallel collection of Herbs, Flavors, Dehydrated Fruits, Flowers, Origin Teas has enabled us to cater wide customer base across the world creating a range of distinctive & indulgent taste experience.

Extensive market knowledge & sound technical expertise in blending & formulation has given us complete cost & production control.

We proudly say that all our flavor teas, beverage mixes, Syrups are our own formulations.

What do you get from our Franchise Program?

  • Own business under one of the most recognizable Trade Mark The Tea Planet brand for 5 years.
  • We keep up with the trend. All new and interesting ideas are testing and successfully put into practice in our outlets.
  • Company’s standards and full training on management of this business
  • Posting information on official Social media pages.
  • Structured standards (ready-made solutions) covering all aspects of activity
  • One of the widest assortment of bubble tea ingredients in the world
  • Direct delivery of fresh official products: ingredients, equipment
  • Ready Made Designs: We provide standard design samples & also personal layout of working area.
  • Support for Food App Registrations

The Tea Planet provides a yearly national marketing calender & art work for instore promotions four times a year.


Franchises have access to the current calender as well as past promotions that they can explore for use in their local market.


Opening Kit – Artworks of marketing flyers, coupons etc to get started before your store even opens.


Social Media: Brand uses Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to engage and interact with our customers.