Bubble Tea Vs Boba : Are They Different?

Bubble or Boba tea has gained popularity worldwide in recent years. With endless health benefits, tea is considered a health tonic for decades in various cultures across the globe. It is believed that the boba bubble tea culture took a rise in the late '80s although the origin is still uncertain.

With the widespread emigration of Taiwanese people across the world, the cafe culture welcomed boba tea. Often, boba and bubble tea are used interchangeably or separately. But are these beverages different? Breaking it out to you, the bubble or boba tea is the same beverage.

Bubble or Boba Tea - Where does the difference lie?

People have unconditional love for Boba or Bubble tea. Don't get trapped in the names of these drinks. They are the same drink. Boba is the tapioca pearls that are added to make the brew more unique and interesting. The addition of these pearls imparts a chewy texture to the drinker. Hence, the name 'boba tea'. During the brewing of this beverage, the drink is naturally ornamented with bubbles on the top, making it more tempting and refreshing.

The origin of the bubble/boba lies in the streets of Taiwan that started in the late 80s. Tea drinking has become a robust culture in varying geographical lieus.


Served with cold or hot chewy tapioca pearls, Bubble tea is a refreshing and flavoured drink that revives your soul. Bubble tea has fascinating flavours of fruits and vegetables, such as honeydew, lychee, strawberry, plum, mango, taro, and matcha.

The bubble in the tea refers to bubble pops layered on the top of the drink and the soft, chewy boba pearls at the bottom. This aesthetic drink is prepared with a blend of various components. Mixing all components and shaking the drink slightly gives rise to the bubbles in the tea.


Boba is a supreme depiction of the entire toppings used in bubble tea. Boba pearls are the tapioca balls, and depending on the location where you are chillin', the name of the bubble tea varies as bubble tea, pearl tea, or tapioca tea.

Derived from Cassava starch, boba pearls have come a long way in winning the hearts of the new age people. Cassava starch is a root vegetable drawn from South America, and it is also given the name yuca.

Boba tea has its origin in Taiwan and rolled down to other parts of the world. During the initial days, the boba pearls were used in the iced balls as a dessert. Today, merging the two ingredients, milk and boba pearls, create a magical essence in the beverage industry.

Components of Bubble Tea

Every sip of the bubble tea that you enjoy and relish acquire the taste from its components. Let's look at the constituents of the tea that increase its flavour.

  • Tea Base

Bubble tea or boba tea isn't prepared without a tea base. To enjoy a hot or cold cup, bubble tea is prepared with green, black, or oolong tea as the base. The green or black teas, particularly the matcha and jasmine teas, are the most favourable options in a bubble tea store. It is a huge source of energy and strengthens your body.

  • Savours

Bubble tea is a unique blend of flavours and base that improves your health. So, the flavour is also a vital component of this tea, and you can choose the flavours that best suit your taste. The true flavours in this type of tea come from syrup or powder so that you enjoy healthy bubble tea.

  • The Dairy magic: Milk or Cream

Milk or cream imparts a smooth texture to the bubble tea, or else it fades away its taste and appealing serving. The powder creamer or full milk disseminates the fragrance slowly and relieves your stress with every sip. As a health concern, if you are lactose intolerant, alter your milk preferences with almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk.

  • Sweetening Agents

Boba Bubble teas contain brown sugar and sugar syrup as sweetening agents. For diabetic individuals, many shops use stevia and aspartame to dissolve the sweetness in the tea, which is considered sugar-free.

  • Cold or Warm water

Whether it is hot scorching heat or the chilly wind out there, you can always customize your preferences. However, the tea-making practice with powder becomes easy if you dissolve it in hot water first and then add ice if you love the icy beverage. While if you are using fresh fruits or purees, cold water is also suitable for the drink.

What do these Teas Taste Like?

Generally, the clear boba balls have no taste but acquire the taste from the additives and ingredients added. So, whatever the flavour of the base and spices you choose will be the taste of your boba tea. With the addition of dairy products, your flavoured drink is sweet and sugary with a creamy texture. If you are making the drink at home, you get a bonus to add the benefits with the proper customization.

Enhance the taste of Bubble or Boba tea

Bubble tea can be customized in various ways to furnish you with a myriad of options. Here you go:

  • Pudding

The pudding in boba tea is not like snack-pack pudding. Instead, it has an infused custard-like flavour. Egg yolks, cream, and sugar make up the boba pudding. The creamy texture and slight chewing are a perfect blend that makes it a widely preferred beverage.

  • Aloe vera

What’s the thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word Aloe vera? Endless benefits to your skin, your hair, and overall health. Right?

With countless health benefits, Aloe vera imparts a rich glow to your skin. Are you looking for ways to intensify its effects? Adding the sliced pieces of aloe vera might be a great way to add additional benefits to your health. The transparent cubed jellies soak and infuse with the taste of the syrup that gives a refreshing and sweet tropical flavour. Adding it to citrus juices enhances its taste and feels more refreshing. 

  • Taro Balls

Taro balls are gentle and feel like they easily melt in your mouth. These small colourful balls are a result of mashed taro with water and sweet potato flour. Taro balls are also used to prepare a delicious dessert served both iced and hot. While adding it with oolong milk tea or taro milk tea gets you a hybrid drink.

The Bottom Line

Hope we have provided you with enough information to tickle your senses and make you try the boba bubble tea. The tea world is magical, and to leverage more of your favourite beverage, you can buy bubble tea online. Enhance the taste of the hot/iced cup of tea with multiple toppings and calm down your soul.

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